Work Experience / Placement


Work experience is an integral part of most of our courses and a vital part of the learning process. It is in the interest of employers to help ensure our graduates have the required skill levels to make the transition from education and training to employment.

Employers gain directly from the process as it enhances the employability of the learner through providing employment related tasks and activities and embedding competencies.

There are many benefits of Work Experience/Placement to employers including:

  1. Building contact with our colleges and centres can reduce recruitment costs and attract graduates into jobs.
  2. Influencing the quality of future employees.
  3. Raising profile of your organisation with colleges, centres and students, parents and teachers.
  4. Providing opportunities for management development among your employees through the process of planning, mentoring and monitoring students.
  5. Engaging in work experience/placement with colleges/centres may increase the motivation of your employees.
  6. Bringing the education system closer to employers can provide a greater understanding of qualifications, education opportunities and influence the shape of the CETB education and training provision.