Head Office Contacts

Education Support Services Email Address
Maintenance Grant queries grants @corketb.ie
Procurement queries procurement @corketb.ie
Tender queries tenders @corketb.ie


Finance Email Address
Accounts Payable queries accounts @corketb.ie
Payroll queries payroll @corketb.ie
Receipts queries receipts @corketb.ie
Sub-Contractor queries rct @corketb.ie
Travel & Subsistence queries travel @corketb.ie


Human Resources Email Address
General queries hr @corketb.ie
Allocation/Utilisation queries hrallocation @corketb.ie
Contract queries contracts @corketb.ie
DCS Contracts/Timesheets queries dcshr @corketb.ie
Leave queries leavereturns @corketb.ie
Payroll queries hrpayroll @corketb.ie
Pension queries pensions @corketb.ie
Recruitment queries recruit @corketb.ie


Staff Contacts by Department

Capital Building Projects & Procurement

Name Email Address Direct Line 021-
Úna Carroll
APO Capital Building Projects & Procurement
una.carroll @corketb.ie 4907160
Marguerite Forde marguerite.forde @corketb.ie 4907184
Edel Kiely edel.kiely @corketb.ie 4907170
Susan Long susan.long @corketb.ie 4907167
John Nyhan john.nyhan @corketb.ie 4907161
Mary O’Mahony mary.omahony @corketb.ie 4907700


Corporate Services

Name Email Address Direct Line 021-
Niall Kennefick
APO Corporate Services
niall.kennefick @corketb.ie 4907158
Clare Creedon clare.creedon @corketb.ie 4907150
Phyl Kennedy phyl.kennedy @corketb.ie 4907153
Mary Lenihan mary.lenihan @corketb.ie 4907741
John Lyons john.lyons @corketb.ie 4907171
Mary McCarthy mary.mccarthy @corketb.ie 4907154
Ursula Morris ursula.morris @corketb.ie 4907151
Fiona Murphy fiona.murphy @corketb.ie 4907157
Deirdre O’Gorman deirdre.ogorman @corketb.ie 4907100
Louise O’Sullivan louise.osullivan @corketb.ie 4907152


Legal & Compliance Unit

Name Email Address Direct Line 021-
Liz Donnelly
APO Legal & Compliance Unit
liz.donnelly @corketb.ie 4907159
Ann O’Halloran ann.ohalloran @corketb.ie 4907156
Eimer O’Leary eimer.oleary @corketb.ie 4907164
Mary Ring mary.ring @corketb.ie 4907168



Name Email Address Direct Line 021-
Henry Creedon
APO Finance Acting
henry.creedon @corketb.ie 4907735
Mary O’Leary
APO Finance
mary.oleary @corketb.ie 4907731
Ingrid Barry ingrid.barry @corketb.ie 4907736
Martina Bracken martina.bracken @corketb.ie 4907734
Cathy Buckley cathy.buckley @corketb.ie 4907714
Jeremy Coleman jeremy.coleman @corketb.ie 4907710
Elaine Colgan elaine.colgan @corketb.ie 4907719
Kerrie Dixon kerrie.dixon @corketb.ie 4907707
Nicola Fitzgerald nicola.fitzgerald @corketb.ie 4907718
Rafaela Herberich rafaela.herberich @corketb.ie 4907720
Aine Howard aine.howard @corketb.ie 4907705
Lynn Lucas lynn.lucas @corketb.ie 4907712
Mary Martin mary.martin @corketb.ie 4907725
Grainne Moore grainne.moore @corketb.ie 4907717
Jennifer Morrissey jennifer.morrissey @corketb.ie 4907706
Helen Mulqueen helen.mulqueen @corketb.ie 4907724
Yvonne Murphy yvonne.murphy @corketb.ie 4907729
Anne-Marie O’Keeffe anne-marie.okeeffe @corketb.ie 4907727
Jenny O’Leary jennifer.oleary @corketb.ie 4907715
Brenda O’Sullivan brenda.osullivan @corketb.ie 4907702
Barbara Skeath barbara.skeath @corketb.ie 4907709
Mairead Smithers mairead.smithers @corketb.ie 4907721
Helen Tracey helen.tracey @corketb.ie 4907722
Abigail Walsh abigail.walsh @corketb.ie 4907726


Human Resources – HR

Name Email Address Direct Line 021-
Sarah Flynn
sarah.flynn @corketb.ie 4907141
Clare Browne clare.browne @corketb.ie 4907133
Deirdre Byrne deirdre.byrne @corketb.ie 4907126
June Cremin june.cremin @corketb.ie 4907120
Mary Desmond mary.desmond @corketb.ie 4907124
Sheila Dinneen sheila.dinneen @corketb.ie 4907130
Dermot Fitzgerald dermot.fitzgerald @corketb.ie 4907132
Conall Forde conall.forde @corketb.ie 4907123
Ted Forde ted.forde @corketb.ie 4907122
Mary Healy mary.healy @corketb.ie 4907127
Ann Marie Heanue annmarie.heanue @corketb.ie 4907131
Elaine Horgan elaine.horgan @corketb.ie 4907137
Frances Hurley frances.hurley @corketb.ie 4907125
Caroline Kavanagh caroline.kavanagh @corketb.ie 4907128
Valerie Lucey valerie.lucey @corketb.ie 4907139
Sarah Morrin sarah.morrin @corketb.ie 4907129
Aideen O’Sullivan aideen.osullivan @corketb.ie 4907134
Liza Skeath liza.skeath @corketb.ie 4907135
Marguerite Walsh marguerite.walsh @corketb.ie 4907136



Name Email Address Direct Line 021-
Adrian Deasy
adrian.deasy @corketb.ie 4907180
Lari Chernoshtan lari.chernoshtan @corketb.ie 4907182
Christine Flaherty christine.flaherty @corketb.ie 4907181
Suzanne Walsh suzanne.walsh @corketb.ie 4907187


Senior Executives

Chief Executive

Name Email Address Telephone 021-
Ted Owens ceo @corketb.ie 4273377



Name Email Address Direct Line 021-
John Fitzgibbons ~ Director of Further Education & Training john.fitzgibbons @corketb.ie 4907111
Pat McKelvey ~ Director of Schools pat.mckelvey @corketb.ie 4907177
Suzanne Mullins ~ Director of Organisational Support & Development suzanne.mullins @corketb.ie 4907140
Sheila Quill ~  Director of Organisational Support & Development sheila.quill @corketb.ie 4907730


Assistant Principal Officers – APOs

Name Email Address Direct Line 021-
Capital Building Projects & Procurement- Úna Carroll una.carroll @corketb.ie 4907160
Corporate Services- Niall Kennefick niall.kennefick @corketb.ie 4907158
Legal & Compliance Unit- Liz Donnelly liz.donnelly @corketb.ie 4907159
Finance Acting – Henry Creedon henry.creedon @corketb.ie 4907735
Finance – Mary O’Leary mary.oleary @corketb.ie 4907731
HR – Sarah Flynn sarah.flynn @corketb.ie 4907141
ICT – Adrian Deasy adrian.deasy @corketb.ie 4907180